Arab City Pool Weather Policy

The Arab City Pool uses a SEE IT HEAR IT policy. The lightening call is under the purview of the lifeguards. They are city employees and their #1 job is everyone's safety. If lifeguards hear thunder, they will notify the head referee to stop the meet for a 15 minute delay. Every time we hear thunder, we reset the timer to 15 minutes and start counting down again. If we see lightening, we use a 30 minute delay and that timer is reset to 30 minutes every time we see it. Usually the safest place during lightening is to go back to your car.
Also note, that we can swim in very light rain with no lightening/thunder. However, life guards must be able to see to the bottom of the pool at all times. Lifeguards will call a weather delay to a meet if rainfall obscures their view of the bottom of the pool. No one is allowed in the water during a weather delay.
If a weather delay keeps extending, the head referee can call an end to the meet (usually after consulting with head coaches). We know weather delays are no fun, but we will do everything we can to keep everyone safe!