ARPA Manual

General Meet Information

Practice will begin in mid May after school.  Swimmers should come prepared with caps and goggles prepared to swim and with warm sweats for afterwards - as the pool water will be chilly.  Coaches will be evaluating swimmers abilities during these practice sessions.  Swimmers will be placed in appropriate practice times according to their abilities.  The coach will inform the swimmer and the parents as to what practice session they should attend once the summer practices get underway.

Arab swim team always starts the season off with a Mock swim meet.  This meet is a great opportunity for the swimmers and parents to get some hands on experience with the mechanics of a swim meet.   There will be a brief orientation with all parents and swimmers prior to the start of the mock meet.  All board members as well as other seasoned volunteers will be available to help train everyone new to swimmingMany volunteers will be needed in order for us to be able to accomplish successful home meets.  Our away meets will require volunteers as lane timers and place judges.  We will need every family to actively participate as volunteers.  For those that are new to recreation league swimming, the Arab Swim team is accomplished using only volunteers from those families participating in swim team.    We need each family to participate in as many volunteer activities as possible for each of our home swim meets.  

 Due to our limited practice time please hold comments / questions for coaches until practice is complete.  This will allow coaches to focus their time and attention on our swimmers.  Due to safety / liability issues only Arab swim team members will be allowed in the water during practice and meet times.  Some questions for the coaches may be answered by a board member or other experienced swim parent, please ask if you are not sure.  Please feel free to contact any one of our board members if you have any questions, you may also e-mail the board at .  We look forward to having a GREAT swim season!